distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.

Route: Gąsawa – Komratowo – Oćwieka – Wiktorowo – Wójcin – Kierzkowo – Młodocin – Pturek – Lubostroń – Smerzyn – Łabiszyn


The route is highly interesting, mostly due to its diversity of landscapes. For a long part it runs through forests, along a glacial tunnel valley whose biggest depressions are filled with lakes. The track can be covered on foot, but it is also suitable for cycling.

For the most part, the route follows dirt roads or asphalt roads with negligible traffic. Only the short fragment on the Żnin–Inowrocław road (around 2 km from the village of Młodocin to the bridge over the Noteć) is a bit unpleasant due to busy traffic and the lack of a road shoulder.

The trip starts in the main market in Gąsawa, close to the wooden Church of St. Nicholas. While walking you’ll learn about the valuable natural features of the region, including the stream of St. Hubertus (a natural monument on the shore of Lake Ostrowieckie), an alley of trees (primarily limes) beside the road to Lubostroń, as well as the heritage – the Church of St. John the Baptist on a hill in Chomiąża Szlachecka and Lubostroń Palace.

The trail then continues across Smerzyn and Łabiszyn to Brzoza.