“The big world of small trains” where you can touch anything, climb aboard steam engines and carriages huddled together, and take pictures. The place is a joy to visit for tourists of all ages as a colourful fragment of a bygone world.

The museum is near a narrow-gauge railway station, whose Żnin–Wenecja–Biskupin–Gąsawa line runs in the tourist season. The exhibition is presented as a “large station of small trains”. The rolling stock collection on view comprises equipment designed to serve narrow lines with a gauge of 600 mm (the smallest used in Poland). Besides the 17 steam engines and 4 diesel locomotives, there are various types of wagons and passenger carriages in the collection. The exhibition also features machinery, including a railway turntable, a platelayer’s hut, and a steam locomotive water crane. In the hall, which is arranged like a 19th-c. waiting room, you can buy souvenirs and see exhibits that document over 100 years of railway history in Pałuki. The Wenecja Steam Engine Night is immensely popular; on this night, after the sun sets, the museum can be seen in an unusual, nocturnal guise.