A regional museum with a collection of exhibits, memorabilia, and documents which testify to the rich history of Żnin and Pałuki. Its exhibitions are shown in two historic buildings: the former city council building, which is the museum’s seat, and the 15th-c. town hall tower. The tower hosts an exhibition of the town’s history. An armoury, city councillors’ boardroom, and a treasury can be seen in the reconstructed chambers. It also houses an exhibition that presents the results of excavations in Żnin market square. The former city council building houses two permanent exhibitions: “Ethnography”, which displays an extensive collection that covers everyday Pałuki life at the turn of the 20th c., and “The history of Żnin printing”, as Żnin is famed for its tradition of printing and publishing and is the birthplace of Polish colour magazines. The building’s cellars house the Museum of Motorboat Racing. The museum is rounded off by the Tadeusz Małachowski Gallery – a room for temporary exhibitions.