distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.

Route: Rynarzewo – the Noteć – Kanał Górnonotecki (Upper Noteć Canal) – the Noteć – Lake Wolickie

The route leads upstream from Rynarzewo in the fairly wide riverbed of the Noteć. After 10 km of paddling, you reach the Upper Noteć Canal, which was opened in 1878 in order to join the Warta with the Bydgoszcz Canal and the Vistula. The locks and sluices are an obstacle for canoers. From Łabiszyn, the route goes through the beautiful Noteć valley all the way to Lake Wolickie. You also float past Lubostroń palace, a gem of Polish classical architecture. The route is part of the Pałuki Canoe Loop, a 115 km trail of varying difficulty level. With no hurry, the loop takes 7 to 8 days overall.