distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.

Route: Lake Oćwieckie – Lake Gąsawskie – Lake Godawskie – Lake Biskupińskie – Lake Weneckie – Lake Skarbienickie – Lake Żnińskie Małe – Lake Żnińskie Duże – Lake Dobrylewskie – Lake Sobiejuskie – the Gąsawka across Dąbrówka Słupska, Słupy, Szubin – Rynarzewo

After the Noteć and the Wełna, the Gąsawka is the longest river in Pałuki. It charts its whole course within the region’s borders. A typical lowland river, it flows out of Lake Głęboczek near Niestronno and into the Noteć near Rynarzewo. Its most striking feature is that it drains over a dozen charming glacial lakes in the Żnin tunnel valley.

As it goes across this glacial trough, the lake trail passes by the main tourist landmarks: the Archaeological Museum in Biskupin, the Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum and castle ruins in Wenecja, and the town of Żnin.

The route is part of the Pałuki Canoe Loop, a 115 km trail of varying difficulty level. With no hurry, the loop takes 7 to 8 days overall.