Silverado City is an entertainment complex in the Western style for children and adults. Its name comes from the film “Silverado” by Lawrence Kasdan. The city was inspired by the owners’ fascination with the Wild West.

The complex covers an area of 7 ha. The youngest can try out many activities such as creating a ‘wanted’ poster, searching for gold in a gold mine, or horse riding. In Silverado City there is also a ranch, a mini zoo, a playground, a saloon, an amphitheatre, Dr. Quinn’s clinic, a sheriff’s office, a prison, a civil war fort, a school from the Wild West, Mexico Hall, an arena for riding shows, an Indian village, and catering facilities.

During the tourist season the events on offer in the city are very popular: there is a bank robbery – one of the most spectacular scenes in Poland – and also horseback stunt shows, lasso and revolver shows, country dances, and funny sketches presenting the daily life of the residents of the city. The programme also includes theme weekends and amazing fire spectacles by night with horses.